Since the dawn of homo sapiens, Man and his cave have rarely been far apart. More than merely a shelter, the cave protects him, revitalises him, defines him.

In this bustling modern world, Man is more than ever in need of solace and sanctum, of a place where he can unwind and reconnect with his true self.

That place is here.

Based in the heart of St. Clement’s in oxford, The Mancave is more than just a hairdresser’s - it’s a grooming parlour, a chill-out zone, a den of positive vibes. We believe that time waiting is time wasted, so rather than stare at the floor and twiddle your opposable thumbs, you can twiddle them playing our vast selection of retro computer games. Or, if you prefer, try your hand at spinning some tunes on the decks: flick through our collection of vinyls and let the rhythms soothe your soul. You can enjoy all of this in a quirky retro-industrial environment, enhanced by a free bottle of chilled beer if you so wish.

It’s like being at your friend’s house, minus the bit where your mum comes to drag you home.

Conceived to be an experience, not just a haircut, The Mancave is a free-flowing social abode that embraces everyone from all races, religions and backgrounds. That of course includes ladies, since without you … none of us would be here.

Welcome to the Mancave.

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